A trip to Paris is not only something for travellers with a weakness for francophile charm, but also recommended for those who want to experience the heart of France. Paris is considered to be the city of love, and is therefore a favourite destination for young couples and couples who stayed young at heart. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the churches of Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame, and the magnificent Champs Elysées are just some of the sights that you should definitely see once in a lifetime. But also a walk alongside the Seine, a boat trip at night alongside the illuminated gorgeous buildings or a stroll through the Rue de Rivoli belongs to the things that one should in any case do once in Paris. In combination with a typical French café au lait and a croissant for breakfast, you have already done quite a few of the things that bring you closer to the French capital with its charm.


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