Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco Excursions

Torri del Benaco as an ideal starting point for excursions: visits to Verona, Venice or Gardaland. From Torri del Benaco to Monte Baldo.

From Torri del Benaco there are excursions to nearby towns. Here Verona is certainly the number one priority for many holidaymakers. Who doesn't even want to Visiting the balcony under which Romeo languished after his beloved Juliet? Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said to exist before the birth of Christ gave the first settlements on the banks of the Adige. One of the main sights is the amphitheater, the arena Verona. The building is after the Colosseum in Rome the second largest amphitheater and excellently preserved. Visiting one The evening opera performance is one of the highlights of the stay.

Monte Baldo

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of tourists, hikes in the Massif of Monte Baldo. From Torri del Benaco is the place Malcesine within half an hour away. From there a cable car runs with rotating Panorama cabins to the mountain station. Malcesine also has a lot to offer. The impressive Sklaligerburg is a popular photo motif and can be found on many postcards. The climb to the well-preserved castle is worthwhile, because from above, day trippers have a wonderful view of the lake.


If you are traveling with children, a visit to Gardaland is the right choice. In about half an hour is Torri del Benaco's "Italian Disneyland" to reach out. In 90,000 square meters, addicts will find themselves in Gardaland Spectacular attractions that promise pure adrenaline. Gardaland is in the Open between 10:00 am and 11:00 pm in summer, admission is for Adults 36 euros and children 29 euros. In other seasons the park is open until 6 p.m. In the winter months there are also October and November Closing times. (As of 10/2011)


If you are not afraid of another route, you should take the two-hour drive Take on Venice. The unique city in the water attracts millions every year from tourists from all over the world. Anyone looking for just one day in the legendary city who should visit the most famous sights such as St. Mark's Square with the Visit the Doge's Palace When you visit the palace from the inside you have to wait be counted. The Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal are also allowed with one Walk through Venice is not missing. And maybe the trip will complete with one Gondola off the visit to Venice.

Editor's tip

If you don't want to plan the day completely, you can also do so on Lake Garda just let it drift and drive from place to place. There are many small places here Discover impressions.