Chiang Mai

How to get to Chiang Mai

The comfortable arrival by plane and the uncomplicated use of different means of transport on your own are part of the holiday recreation in Chiang Mai.

Journey to Chiang Mai by plane

To ensure that even the journey to the province of Chiang Mai, famous for the friendliness of its inhabitants, is marked by relaxation, an air trip is predestined. The majority of airlines coming from Bangkok serve Chiang Mai Airport (CNX), located directly on the outskirts of the city. A (at least) one change or stopover of scheduled flights from all major airports, including Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Berlin, is almost always unavoidable. Cheap flight tickets are available from 430 euros in the low season; in the high season, flights cost at least twice as much.

Travel to Chiang Mai by train

If you want to combine your holiday in Chiang Mai with a visit to Bangkok anyway, you can travel to or from the airport by train as an alternative to air travel. Especially the journey with the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (or vice versa) has a special attraction for individual travellers. The prices are quite affordable even for first class travel for Europeans.

Individual tours in the surroundings

If you want to get a first impression of the natural beauty of Chiang Mai, you can make small excursions in the surroundings of the provincial capital Chiang Mai without a guide. With a rental car or a rental motorcycle, the well developed national roads can be travelled without danger. Daily rental prices are affordable for both types of vehicles; an international driving license should be available.

Typical transportation in the city of Chiang Mai

The provincial capital Chiang offers numerous cultural and culinary attractions that can be explored optimally with the typical Asian means of transport and urban transportation. For excursions into the nightlife, cosy evenings in one of the restaurants with local specialities, city explorations, museum visits and shopping tours, the typical Thai means of transport are suitable (if you are not accommodated within a reasonable walking distance). Apart from public transport, which is well developed and organized in the form of bus lines, collective taxis (so-called Songthaews with their own color-coded guidance system), tuk-tuks and rickshaws are popular means of transport for tourists and locals alike. The prices vary and can be "renegotiated" with the respective driver in individual cases.