A rainy green island, red-haired residents with immense drinking resistance or strange music and sports preferences - there are enough clichés about Ireland and its capital Dublin. This contrasts with the factual data, on the basis of which the eventful, more than thousand-year history of the city can only be guessed. Dublin was founded by the Vikings in the 9th century. Dublin is a city that feels like home — because it is home. Or at least it will be once your plane lands and you’re no longer flying high above Ireland. There are few places in the world as magical as Dublin. The city is filled with pubs and hidden alleyways, historic landmarks and modern marvels, old churches and new hotels, cobblestone streets and indoor shopping centers, castles and cathedrals, gardens and golf courses, locals and tourists…and we couldn’t be happier about any of it! The following guide will help you plan your next trip to Dublin so that your second visit exceeds even your first. From hotels to restaurants to things to do on a budget, this article has everything you need to know before you book another trip.


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